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Get paid to see your space used by glorious small businesses and amazing creatives. Apply today to become a Styled Home Studios location house and be in complete control of your bookings. 

Shaking up the location industry

What makes Styled Home Studios different

We are the UK’s first curated location platform that allows brands and creative professionals to discover and book scroll-stopping locations at an hourly rate as well as by the day. We handpick our locations for their intentional styling and aesthetic. 


There are no fees to Host and we only take a 15% commission from bookings, so you take home significantly more than with a traditional location agency.

Become a location house, Styled Home Studios
Become a location house, Styled Home Studios
Become a location house, Styled Home Studios
Become a location house, Styled Home Studios
Connection & creativity

See your space in the spotlight

You can earn money & connect with exciting brands and creative professionals who are looking for a skillfully curated interior exactly like yours. Enjoy the thrill of seeing your space in photoshoots, social media campaigns, adverts, editorials and more. 

A quick guide

How Styled Home Studios works

Taking bookings for creative projects is simple and secure. 

Be discovered

Creators browse our curated selection of spaces & find yours

Receive booking requests

You receive a booking enquiry, which you can accept or decline

Confirm the booking

Keep track of your bookings in our easy to use dashboard

Welcome your Creators

Welcome your Creators, see behind the scenes & receive your fee

Styled Home Studios is a fantastic platform. It takes all the hassle out of securing bookings and managing payments. We love hosting location shoots & can highly recommend it.

– Fran, Modern Muse
Host benefits

Why should you join us?

Applying to become a Host doesn’t take long and if your space is selected you can:

Become a location house, Styled Home Studios

Become a Host

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Host FAQs

You will receive the Booking Request, which you can manage via the Bookings section on your Dashboard. Simply select Accept or Reject from the drop down menu. Please remember that you have 7 days to accept a booking, after which the booking will automatically be deleted.


On the rare occasion where you must cancel a booking, the Creator will not be charged and you will not receive any of the Booking Fee. We hope that you would be able to rearrange the shoot date rather than cancel and this can be done by messaging the Creator through your Dashboard. 

Should the Creator cancel, you will be will be entitled to, as follows:

If they cancel more than 7 days before the booking, you will not receive the Booking Fee.

If they cancel the Booking between 48 hours and 7 days before the Booking, you will be receive 50% of the Booking Fee (less the SHS 15% Commission).

If they cancel the Booking within 48 hours of the Booking, you will receive the full Booking Price (less the SHS 15% Commission).

For more details please see our cancellation policy.

Being a Styled Home Studios Host is a fun and exciting way to earn additional income from your home.

We manage the booking process and payment so you don’t need to worry about the admin and chasing invoices etc. As a Host you are in control of responding to the enquires and bookings you receive from Styled Home Studios Creators and for ensuring that your space is clean and tidy on the day of the booking with someone ready to greet the crew at the time you have mutually agreed. If you have not hosted a photoshoot before check out our journal for an article full of tips for hosting a successful shoot.

We know that sometimes shoots can overrun, which is why we have a brilliantly simple overtime system.

Overtime is at the discretion of the Host on the day and is charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Creators can add the agreed amount of overtime to the booking from inside the booking on their Creator Dashboard. The amount will be charged to the original card and the overtime will be added to the invoice.

The address of your property is only released to the Creator once you have approved their booking and they have paid in full. They will receive your address via email and you will be able to message them directly from your Dashboard.

All you need to do is mark the booking as ‘complete’ inside your Host Dashboard when the shoot has come to an end and we will send you your fee within 3 working days.

We disperse all Host funds using Paypal, which is simple and secure. When you register as a Host all we need is the email address linked to your Paypal account. If you don’t currently have a Paypal account it’s quick and easy to set up.

You can select the days of the week that you are generally open to bookings. So if, for example, you only want to accept bookings for weekday shoots Creators will not be able to book your space over the weekend. This can be changed at any time in your Host Dashboard.

You can set your own hourly rate and change it whenever you wish by signing into your Host Dashboard. If you are VAT Registered be sure to factor VAT into your hourly rate (and tick the appropriate box). Generally speaking, the larger the space on offer and the more experienced the Host the higher the hourly rate. We are very happy to provide individual guidance on rates if required.

You can choose to either list your whole property or parts thereof (just remember to reflect this is your hourly rate). When you register your property you can breakdown which rooms are available to use.

If you have a very large property that you would like to break down into areas that can be booked separately for a lower hourly rate you can add them as individual properties on the Host Dashboard.

As well as earning money every time your space is booked, you are connecting with exciting creatives, influencers, brands and entrepreneurs and can enjoy the thrill of seeing your space in photoshoots, social media campaigns, adverts, editorials and more. By joining our community you are also supporting exciting emerging brands and new creative talents who are looking for a skillfully curated interior exactly like yours.

No! If your application is accepted there is no charge to list your space and accept bookings. We only take a 15% commission on bookings so on average Hosts take home more than with a traditional agency.

All Creators must confirm that they have the required minimum Public Liability insurance of £1,000,000 to book a space via Styled Home Studios.

We also recommend that new Hosts check their home insurance policies and talk to their insurer to update their policy if necessary.

We help creative professionals (such as photographers) and businesses of all sizes to book locations for a wide variety of projects. The most common include product photography, personal brand photography, magazine editorials, adverts, influencer campaigns and film/video projects.

You can apply online to become a Host. Simply fill in the quick online form and upload up to five images of the space(s) you wish to list. We will be in touch via email to let you know if your space fits our criteria.