Connecting creativity

How it works

Connecting content creators with the owners of uniquely styled homes

1 – Our spaces

Unique & varied

Whether you’re searching for a location with country cottage vibes or an ultra modern interior, our diverse portfolio of location houses has you covered. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you too (literally) as our spaces are full of beautifully considered furnishings and props ready to be styled to fit your vision.

photoshoot location, Styled Home Studios
A quick guide

How Styled Home Studios works

Our spaces are handpicked for their exceptional styling, aesthetic and personality. Find your ideal interior and book the space directly with the homeowner.

Find the ideal interior

Browse our curated selection of incredible spaces

Request your dream space

Send enquiries directly to the Host and submit your booking request

Confirm the booking

Keep track of your bookings in our easy to use dashboard

Arrive & get creative

Show up & shoot at a location that ticks all your boxes

photoshoot location, Styled Home Studios
2 – See your budget go further

Flexible & fabulous

All of our locations are available at an hourly rate so you can find a location that matches your vision & only pay for the time that you need. 

We offer the same amazing spaces but at a saving of around 20% compared to a traditional location agency.

And if you do need a full day or multiple days in our stunning locations most of our Hosts offer a 10% discount for full day shoots. No constraints on creativity here!

Styled Home Studios provided a gorgeous property close by that was perfect for us. The Host was great… Styled Home Studios saved me a lot of time trying to find the right location.

– Melissa, Awake Organics Ltd
3 – You're in control

Keep track of your bookings

View your bookings and communicate directly with your Hosts from inside your easy to use Dashboard.

photoshoot location, Styled Home Studios
Become a host

See your space in the spotlight

Our community of hosts love working with inspiring entrepreneurs, remarkable brands & the brightest creative talents, all whilst earning money from their styled spaces.

We’re always on the lookout for new homes so apply to become a host today (it only takes two minutes). We’d love to see your space!

photoshoot location, Styled Home Studios
4 – Shoot day

Arrive & create

Our spaces are handpicked for their styling and are full of carefully curated props, ready for you to show up and shoot.

And if you find that you need more time on the day it’s quick and easy to add overtime to your booking.


General FAQs

All of our spaces have a set hourly rate, giving greater flexibility to both Host and Creator. We only take a 15% commission on bookings so on average Hosts take home more than with a traditional agency. 

We are also more than just a listing site. We handpick properties across the UK for their styling and personality with the desire to open up the location home market for entrepreneurs, independent brands & creatives. 


Our Hosts are the owners of the space and the Creator is the person that makes the booking and uses the space to create their content.

We know that sometimes shoots can overrun, which is why we have a brilliantly simple overtime system.

Overtime is at the discretion of the Host on the day and is charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Creators can add the agreed amount of overtime to the booking from inside the booking on their Creator Dashboard. The amount will be charged to the original card and the overtime will be added to the invoice.

All Creators must confirm that they have the required minimum Public Liability insurance of £1,000,000 to book a space via Styled Home Studios.

We also recommend that new Hosts check their home insurance policies and talk to their insurer to update their policy if necessary.

We help creative professionals (such as photographers) and businesses of all sizes to book locations for a wide variety of projects. The most common include product photography, personal brand photography, magazine editorials, adverts, influencer campaigns and film/video projects.

When you’ve found your ideal location we recommend sending an enquiry via direct message to the Host first to check availability. Please give them as much information about your project as possible. When you would like to make a booking use the ‘book now’ button and register your booking.

Your booking will be sent to the Host to review and your card will not be charged until they approve the booking. Once the booking has been approved your card will be charged and your booking confirmed. You will receive an email with the location’s full address.

If the Host has to decline your booking you will not be charged and will be notified by email.