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We sit down with Susi, owner of ‘Vibrant Family Vibe – SW19’ to find out what it’s like to let out your home as a location. We hope that if you’re new to Hosting or are interested in earning money from your home by becoming a Styled Home Studios Host this is a helpful little insight.


What made you first decide to let out your property as a location home?


“There were a number of serendipitous reasons which lead to our decision to let out our property as a location home – we’d found out in a crazy coincidence that 2 previous owners of this house used it as a film location, meaning that it was no stranger to such events, then a friend of mine who has her own successful location home, started a business in Lockdown to help others establish themselves as shoot locations with the benefit of her knowhow. Having lost all sources of income and being catapulted into being a full time 1950’s style housewife in Lockdown, it seemed like the perfect solution to provide a bit of extra income.”


What’s the best thing about hosting creative projects?


“The people that you meet! And being forced to stay on top of the housework (including the children as they get a cut of the takings provided their bedrooms are always spick and span).”


What kinds of bookings are your favourite?


“Daytime shoots where the crew arrives once the kids have gone to school and are wrapped up by 5/6pm.”


What qualities make for a good Host?


“Flexibility, hospitality, good communication & honesty. Being organised and promptly answering enquiries is important too.”




What is the most common question you get asked by crew on shoot day or in advance?


“To be honest the questions are so varied that no two have been the same. Generally all the details of our space are in the listing and house rules, so questions, if any, tend to be very specific to the shoot itself.”


What do you do whilst a shoot is in progress?


“I usually make the Creators aware of who will be in the house and where (tucked away WFH in the home office or one of the unused rooms). If the kids are home they will play plugged into their devices or else my husband or I will be ferrying them around to their various activities. Usually one of us will be in the house to deal with any on site queries, but we have popped out for lunch/ dinner in the past too, so as not to get in the way of the shoot should they be there around meal times.”


What are your 3 top tips for Hosts who are about to welcome their first booking?


Make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper.

Have the wifi code and general house rules printed out.

Oh and I always provide tea/coffee, cow’s milk/oat milk & sugar.


Thanks Susi! If you’re interested in becoming a location home why not apply today to become a Styled Home Studios Host.

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